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The leather is cracking & peeling. Can this be repaired? Yes, it can be refinished, as long as the leather is still "healthy". If the affected area is small, the repair can be done in the home. If it is a large area, it will have to be brought into our shop. Our consultant would be able to determine what needs to be done.
There is a tear in the leather. Can it be repaired? Yes, it can be repaired. Our technician can repair rips or tears in your home. If the tear is large, or in a heavily used part of the furniture, such as the arm or seat, it might be recommended to replace the panel.
The seam and top-stitching have come loose. Can you re-sew it? Yes, that is a repair that usually can be done in the home.
I have ink or nail polish on my leather. Will that come out? Yes. After removing the stain, if necessary, the technician will touch up the area with leather dye.
When I sit on the seat, it feels like I am sinking. It's not as firm as when I bought it. Can you repair it? Yes, we have many types & densities of cores to replace the sinking seat. It might be best to have our consultant appraise the problem to see if the suspension is the cause of the problem.
My seat and arms and back cushion have gone flat. Can you re-stuff them even if they are attached? Yes. It can usually be done in the home. Our consultant would be able to determine if it can be done in the home.
The sun has faded the color of my leather furniture. Can you restore it? Yes. We can re-dye the furniture in our shop. We can even change the color, if you desire.
The leather is cracking and torn. Can you re-upholster it? Yes. We have you pick the sample of leather from our swatches and re-upholster your furniture in our shop.
My pet has "sprayed" on my furniture. Can you clean & remove the smell? Yes. Whether your furniture is a finished leather, semi-aniline, or aniline, we can clean and deodorize your furniture in our shop.
I spilled a beverage or food on my leather furniture. Can you remove the stain? Yes. Our technicians have the ability to remove many types of stains, or, if necessary, dye over it to mask the stain.
My furniture got rubbed while moving it and it has scuffs. Can you repair this? Yes. Most of the time this can be done in the home.
The back cushions have torn away from the frame. Can you fix it? Yes. Our technicians can re-attach the cushions right in your home.
My recliner mechanism doesn't work. Can you fix it? Yes. Most of the time it can be done in the home.
How often should my leather furniture be cleaned and/or conditioned? The furniture should be conditioned every 6 months. This keeps the leather supple, so that it won't crack. There are many conditioners available, including the one we recommend, which is our own. The furniture should be cleaned as necessary.
Is there a charge for RAM to come to my home to give me an estimate? Yes there is. There is a $85.00 inspection fee. If RAM does the work as quoted, at least $25.00 of the inspection fee goes towards the repair.
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